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【2in1 use Dip Powder】

OEM/ODM Custom Priate Label for your own brands.


Quick Details :

1. Usage: Dip Nails & Acrylic Nails

2.Color : We have 1200 Colors in Stock, 2000 colors can be customized

3.Capacity: Net weight 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz in Stock, 4oz, 8oz,16oz can be customized

4.Quality : Certified by REACH/ROHS/FDA 

5. Price:Factory Wholesale Bulk Price, Large Order get Better Price.

6. Sample: Free Sample available, Design your Private Logo by Free.


Brief Introduction:

our 2in1 use dip powder work perfectly with dip glue system to do dip powder nails ,

and allso work well with acrylic liquid EMA, MMA to do acrylic nails.


1. Drying time in liquid we can ajust according to your request

2.Can both used in EMA , MMA,or  mixed 

3.Easily to control the powder ,not running too fast or slow

4.Color not seperate,no two tone problem 

5.Powder fine,when finish,you feel light ,not like normally acrylic powder heavy .

6.Have a lot of beautiful nude color ,foggy enough ,can do perfectly ombre

7.In dip ,also smooth,totally different from normally acrylic powder .Our 2 in 1 powder when used in dip,with our glue systerm, easily to tap off the powder from nail,not stick on nails. Even you have no any skill,still can do perfectly dip nail.(Of course if you only do dip,we recommond you use our another powder for only dip)


Main Features:

1. Healthy and Odor-Free,Safety Material Ingredient, No damage to nails.

2. No need of UV or LED light to cure, zero-dry, Quick Dip,Save great time.

3. Strong,Durable and Long-lasting for more than 3 weeks

4. Crack-resistant, Chip-resistant, Maintenance Free

5. Natural Look, Light weight & Flexible.

2in1 use Dipping Powder Red Color for Dip Nails & Acrylic Nails

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    Bulk order enjoy wholesale price, contact us for the best price now

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