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OEM/ODM Custom Priate Label for your own brands.


#Fast Drying Dip Powder#

Main Advantages:(Compared with General Dip Powder now on markets)

1. No need activator for drying, dip powder Dry within 5sconds after dip. Save great time.

2. Powder color never change,Vitamin fortified , Healthy,Organic and Natural.

3. Dry speed not affected by winter or summer temperature.

4. Top Coat Double Shine, Top coat dry within 1-1.5minutes. Save great time.

5. Nails are Long lasting, flexible ,  no cracking.


Quick Details :

1. Type: Fast Drying Dip Powder.

2. Capacity: Net weight 0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz in Stock, Refill 4oz, 8oz,16oz 18oz can be customized

3. Color : We have 300 Glitter Colors in Stock, more than 1200 colors can be customized.

4. Certificate : FDA/REACH/RoHS All Certified. 

5. Quality: Superior Quality Guaranteed, Powder Color Never Change

6. Price:Factory Wholesale Bulk Price, Large Order get Better Price.

7. Sample: Free Sample available, Design your Private Logo by Free.



Basic Features:(Compared with Gel Polish and Nail Lacquer)

1. Healthy and Odor-Free,Safety Material Ingredient, No damage to nails.

2. No need of UV or LED light to cure, zero-dry, Quick Dip,Save great time.

3. Strong,Durable and Long-lasting for more than 3 weeks

4. Crack-resistant, Chip-resistant, Maintenance Free

5. Natural Look, Light weight & Flexible.

G587 Glitter Nail Fast Drying Dip Powder

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    Bulk order enjoy wholesale price, contact us for the best price now

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